Canceling Black Friday Hurts Small, Black Women-Owned Businesses, So STFU

I have been seeing a new wave of social media antics attacking Black Friday with the new “woke" concept of not buying anything. **Sigh** So once again, we have folks out here attempting to start a movement without full analysis of who all would be impacted. Many small, black businesses, especially those owned by black women, thrive from Black Friday where they can generate a large portion of their annual revenue. Sure, large corporations and consumer monopolies (e.g. Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.) have glaringly trash and toxic ass practices; however, your Black Queen entrepreneurs are out here trying to be great.

Here are some things to think about before yall uglass start shittin’ on Black Friday:

Policing Black Spending is Oppressive Af

Black folks are litetally in danger from the peril of white supremacy every waking moment…mane, can we just live? There is definitely a time and place to discuss the need for widespread financial literacy in the black community, but a mom buying coats for their kids and a new vacuum cleaner for the house on black Friday is not a damn crime! My first Black Friday experience was in high school circa 2001. My computer at home was old af and my floppy disks (feelin hella old) kept getting jammed making school assignments a nightmare. So my mother and I got up at the asscrack of dawn to get a computer for the low. Not only was I able to complete my school assignments successfully, I started a little hustle doing reprints of seniors’ graduation pictures and making personalized key chains with senior pictures. A entrepreneur in the making! In my opinion, this is a good example of practicing healthy spending habits AND fostering a entrepreneurial culture…UJAMAA! What would have been problematic was to purchase the computer earlier on in the year, overstretching the family budget. In the interim, I went to the local library to complete assignments and used other alternatives until we could make it to Black Friday. Stop judging, mane damn! Some black folks are out here flexin on these heaux #FortheCulture on Black Friday.

At the end of the day, people need shit all year and wait to save coin during Black Friday sales. Generalizing black consumers is NOT okay. You don’t know folks’ life and even if you did, its still none of your damn business.

Use Black Friday to Support Black Women’s Businesses

You are free to be selective in whatever businesses you desire. If you are so concerned with the corporate monsters that dominate Black Friday (which is fair), support black businesses, lil bitty bih. Here are some lit ass black businesses owned by black women you can support to close out 2019 and prepare to enter 2020:

LDA Designs 901 : Carries hand-crafted, boutique style jewelry and accessories as well as body positive & intersectional graphic tees.

Danise Consulting, LLC: Danise Consulting, LLC provides fund development and strategic coaching to support the needs of non-profit and grassroot organizations. Services also include political advocacy consulting and project management.

Natural Cuties: “I am a Natural Cutie", a brilliantly #BlackGirlMagic authored children’s book, is a MUST for the rites of passage for young, black girls to love their natural tresses.

Cultured Lenses: Carries customized, stylish frames adorned with African fabrics.

Pametria Dominise: The Empowerment Expert: Offers a suite of services including: self publishing, self-esteem building, goal setting, developing positive coping skills, processing trauma, building and repairing family relationships, grief and more.

I’m Building Something, LLC: Focuses on business consultation, strategic planning, brand management, small business community engagement.

SHE Ministries: Focuses on faith-based merchandise including the national seller “Her Walk: The Journey Within" and most recently, prayer mats.

Unique Soul Cuisine: A DC-MD-VA based catering company--specializing in private dinners, corporate luncheons, and receptions for a unique and cultured dining experience.

Dean of Fashion: A plus boutique with trendy, curvy friendly merchandise.

Cynthia Daniels & Co.: Cynthia Daniels & Co. is a full-service event planning and design company that specializes in executing large-scale corporate and social events. Under that umbrella, she’s created 7 signature events including Memphis Black Restaurant Week, which has brought in more than $1 million dollars in the minority owned restaurant community since 2016.

AMW Marketing & Designs: Boutique branding, web design and consulting firm in the Washington, DC Area, specializing in uniquely crafted brands and websites that convert for female solopreneurs.

Purely Perfect Hair: Haircare provider who uses the purity of natural ingredients to enhance your hair naturally.

KweliTV: An interactive streaming platform that celebrates the global black culture through undiscovered, independent films, documentaries, web series, kids shows and events from North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Orijennal Art: Artist and art curator with an independent art gallery based in Memphis, TN.

Handmade with Love 901: Memphis-based with natural skincare products and handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

Soft Nutritious Skin by Jazzi J: Offering all natural skincare products that hydrate and nourish skin.

Applesauce Bartending: Memphis-based certified mixologist.

A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge: Provides professional hair care with both natural and chemically proccessed. Also offers training and development opportunities.

Brilliant Branding Media & Project Management: Brilliant Branding Media & Project Management offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow businesses. They partner with l clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.

Drop a comment highlighting other dope ass businesses owned by black women and stop being so slaw.




Written by & for Big, Beautiful & Black Queens, "The BBW Slay" is a body positive, intersectional blog packed with all the #BlackGirlMagic...PERIODT💋

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The BBW Slay

The BBW Slay

Written by & for Big, Beautiful & Black Queens, "The BBW Slay" is a body positive, intersectional blog packed with all the #BlackGirlMagic...PERIODT💋

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